Southern Friend Science Fiction – Tales from Terminus and the World of NASCAR

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This is a collection of novellas, and short stories based in Atlanta and the world of NASCAR. Each has a unique southern flavor, but a wide appeal. Whether you are a science fiction fan or a NASCAR fan there is something for each of you.

The Anthology contains the following:

Shifting Under Your feet – Novella – What happens when the world changes but the people can’t? The world turns making Kansas the North Pole. We meet Carl a comic book store owner in Buckhead, Melissa a mother of two from Kansas, and George an officer in the National Guard in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Left Behind ( Not that story, a zombie story) – Novella – They should not be alive, but they band together and make a life in downtown Atlanta. This small band of people who would be ignored by anyone else find safety and make a life in the W hotel located in downtown Atlanta.

The Last House on Earth – Short Story – With every advance there are costs. Flying cars means living in bunkers. One man just can’t give up his home or having 4 wheels on the ground.

Lifter – Short Story – 19-year-old NASCAR drivers are not uncommon, but this 19-year-old girl has a gift that gives her an advantage over all the boys, telekinesis.

The Spotter – Short Story – If you can see the future what career path would you choose? Joe chose to be a spotter for a NASCAR team.

The Jackman – Short Story – Pit crews are athletes. Some choices athletes make have big impacts on their life and the lives of others. This jackman takes a chance to try to recover faster and it changes his life forever.

Serving Up Answers – Short Story – Archeological students put their findings on record for all history to review.

The Sponsor – Short Story – NASCAR has fans from every walk of life, even alien life. When an aging racer needs a sponsor for one last run at a championship “The Arrival” comes through with the money.