Habits of Successful Project Managers

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Written in a conversational style, this book presents easy to implement habits that can help any project manager improve their work performance. These habits have direct application to the daily work life of anyone who works in a project manager role.

In this book 10 habit areas are identified and explained. Then we go into how to break bad habits and create good ones in each area:
Attendance – Be present
Communication – Be a great communicator
Ownership – Be an Owner
Networking – Be a networker
Working – Be a worker
Learning – Be a student
Teaching – Be a teacher
Sharing – Be a sharer
Humble – Be humble
Trusting – Be trusting

As a project manager, you have been formally trained in how to manage finances and schedules. You know how to do risk analysis with the best of them. But how much time do you spend working on yourself? How much time do you spend breaking bad habits? How much time do you spend improving your good habits?
This book will guide you through a review of your personal work habits and how they can be improved.


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