Don’t use Cursors in SQL Server

Using cursors in TSQL is like using a paddle to row your car.  It will get you there, but every other way to get there is better.

I was a programmer for a decade before I became a DBA.  I understand the desire to make Turing machines out of everything you can get your hands or keyboard attached to.

Techies who do not understand SQL tend to try to turn it into a procedural programming language.  The desire to create familiar programming structures can be overwhelming, but you must resist it when it comes to cursors and TSQL.

Next time you think you need to make a cursor to plod through a set of data please spend a few moment making a temp table and putting your data there for sorting and adjusting.  Then update the existing data from your temp table.

Database engines are built to manipulate data in relational databases.  Let them do what they do using TSQL.  Put away the paddle and try using the steering wheel instead.

Advertisements shutdown – First newspapers, now blogs are going under

Looking at the last posts from Massively,com got me thinking last night that “social media” is killing real journalism. I know I am not the first to say it. Just funny to see it hitting my world.

Aggregators need news to distribute and talk about.  Sites like will collapse if there is nothing to aggregate.

I worry that all news will one day come from things that are tweeted by a guy on a bus.  @tony_soprano_42378 says World of Warcraft is shutting down. Two days later everyone has cancelled their subs because of the in-depth journalism from the bus rider filters to the world as fact.

The millennial generation has great bullshit detectors for work that does not need to be done, but I worry they will lack the information necessary for critical thinking and healthy skepticism.

We live in an age where real things sounds like jokes: Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman.  ISIS is burning captured pilots alive to cheers in the streets.  The leading early candidates for president are Bush and Clinton.  People choose not to vaccinate their children because of the research from a discredited doctor.  “Reality” television is scripted.  {People watch TV on their phones.

Crawling back into my nerd cave and avoiding reality.